Health Information

Can I see my Medical Record?
The privacy laws give you the right to see, get copies of, and sometimes even change your medical record.  The Logan County Hospital health information department, or medical records, would be glad to accommodate you within the scope of the privacy laws.
How do I get a copy of my Medical Record?
Providers and hospitals have different policies throughout their organization on what is required in order to receive a copy of your Medical Record.  Logan County Hospital will have you complete a form that proves you are the recipient of the copied record.  The privacy laws restrict us from giving out copies of medical records that are not yours without the appropriate paperwork completed such as a durable power of attorney for healthcare document, authorization, etc.
How long does it take to get a copy of my Medical Record?
In non-emergency situations, the law gives us 30 days; however, the Logan County Hospital health information department will strive to give you copies of your Medical Record as soon as possible and generally on the day of your request.
Can we refuse giving you a copy of your Medical Record?
Yes…but that almost never happens.  When it does, it is because a provider is trying to protect a patient’s privacy and/or safety.  For example, we may withhold medical information if we’re not sure the person requesting the record has a right to see them; or we may not release records if the provider thinks it will lead to the patient being harmed.  If we do deny access, we must give you a reason in writing within 30 days and you, the patient, has a right to ask for the denial to be reviewed again.
What if I spot a mistake in my Medical Record?
If you notice something missing or something you think is wrong in your medical record, you have a right to request a correction.  The Logan County Hospital health information department has policies in place on how to handle this type of request.
Who else can see my Medical Record?
The privacy laws say who can and cannot have access to your Medical Record.  The Logan County Hospital health information department will abide by these laws.  The easiest way to remember this is your health information can be shared for TPO (treatment – payment- health care operations) The Notice of Privacy Practices that you receive a copy of when you register as a patient at Logan County Hospital goes into more specific detail on who else can see your medical record.
Should I keep a copy of my own Medical Record?
It’s a good idea to keep your own personal medical record (PMR).  That way you can bring this along when you have visits to specialists, new doctors, or even an unexpected trip to the emergency room.
What should I keep in my PMR?
Your name, date of birth, blood type, emergency contact, date of last physical exam, dates and results of past tests and screenings, major illnesses and surgeries with dates, any injuries you’ve had and/or illnesses which you’ve been treated for, any allergies to foods-medications-household items, etc, a list of all your medications and dosages and how long you’ve been taking them, family history of chronic diseases, and any advanced directive.  The Logan County Hospital health information department would be glad to help you with your PMR.
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